1. NOT LEARNED BY THE NATURAL MIND - The word of wisdom is not learned
    by the natural mind. It cannot be education, training, methods, or natural wisdom in any
    sense. A man without the Spirit may use methods which prove, many times, both helpful
    and harmful. What works beautifully in one situation may not work at all in another,
    especially when it comes to churches. Many pastors and church workers have problems
    that no one but God can help them with. No man knows the solution. The question is, then
    why not go to God? Conferences and seminars are fun to go to, but they are not to be
    confused with the spiritual gift of the word of wisdom.
  2. NOT SPIRITUAL INSIGHT - This gift is not the ability to give spiritual insight. One
    may be mature in the Lord's Word and have many years of experience in rightly dividing
    the Word of Truth, and yet not have this supernatural spiritual gift. There is a vast
    difference between spiritual fruit and spiritual gifts. The fruit of the Spirit is something
    one must work at and be dedicated to obtaining. The gifts of the Spirit are manifested as
    the Spirit wills (1 Cor 12:7).
  3. IT IS NOT PSYCHOLOGY - The supernatural gift of the word of wisdom is not
    something one learns in a classroom studying the natural tendencies of mankind. It is not
    a science of the mind. It is not any earthly wisdom. It is supernaturally given.
  4. NOT SIMPLE WISDOM - This gift is not simple wisdom which every Christian gains
    from studying God's Word. Solomon had wisdom from God; but only once or twice did
    he receive a word of wisdom or a special revelation for a special problem. A young
    convert may have the revelation gift of the word of wisdom and have very little Biblical
    wisdom because of a lack of spiritual maturity.
  5. NOT ALL OF GOD'S WISDOM - This gift is the gift of the WORD of wisdom, it is
    not the gift of wisdom. God speaks to us giving us a word or a portion of His wisdom,
    He doesn't give us the whole storehouse of His wisdom.
    for those who are preachers and church officials or special workers in the church. It is a
    gift for all who have received the Holy Spirit and who are faced with a problem beyond
    their own understanding.
  7. NOT JUST A GUESS OR A NEW IDEA - This gift is not just a guess or a new idea
    which accidentally pops into one's head. The same experience happens to lost people who
    do not have the Holy Spirit.

  1. DEFINITION - Just as wisdom is knowledge rightly applied, so the Spiritual gift of the
    word of wisdom is the supernatural ability to apply knowledge already possessed,
    regardless of how one obtains that knowledge. It is knowledge rightly applied by the
    Spirit. It is God showing the WHAT, WHY, WHERE, WHEN, AND HOW of a problem.
    It is the supernatural solution to trouble.
  2. APPLICATION - It is something every mother needs in her home, as she cannot handle
    every child alike. It is something every pastor, teacher, and church leader needs at times,
    since they cannot handle every member alike. It is something every merchant should have
    at times, as all customers will not respond to the same kind of treatment.
  3. METHODS - It may come by visions, dreams, a revelation, a still small voice, or an
    audible voice. God speaks in many ways (Heb 11:1) and there are diversities of operation
    (1Cor 12:6).
  4. PURPOSE - It builds a church and brings revival.

  1. SOLOMON - In 1 Kings 3, Solomon was faced with a problem when two women both
    claimed a live baby after one had been smothered to death during the night. The Spirit of
    God showed Solomon to call for a sword. He started to divide the live baby between the
    two women when one of them started to cry out for the baby's life. Solomon knew that
    this woman was the baby's rightful mother. Solomon had just prayed and asked for wisdom
    from the Lord, which was then given by the Spirit for that specific problem. It might not have
    worked in a similar case if both loved the baby the same or if both were equally insensitive.
    It was a spiritual gift and a gift of a word of wisdom.
  2. ELISHA - In 2 Kings 3, three kings told Elisha that the Moabites were coming to capture
    them. At first, Elisha did not know what to do. He called for a minstrel (v.15) and listened
    and praised the Lord. Then a gift of the word of wisdom was given to him and Elisha told
    them to "make the valley full of ditches" (v.16). The Moabites were defeated and three
    kingdoms were saved.
  3. PAUL - Paul was given a word of knowledge from the Holy Spirit that he was supposed
    to go to Rome (Acts 19:21), but he did not know WHEN, WHY, or HOW. The Spirit gave
    him a word of wisdom one night and told him WHY he was to go (Acts 23:11). In a court
    room before Agrippa and Festus the Holy Spirit gave Paul another word of wisdom and
    showed him HOW and WHEN he was supposed to go (Acts 26:31). Later, the Spirit of
    God gave Paul another word of wisdom to prevent the death of all those on board the ship
    as they were on their way to Rome (Acts 27:31-34).

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